DSC_9180Let me introduce myself in this way: Just a simple person without any prejudice like the life and his family, and his job. Inger & Natascha has the meaning I am just visiting them between my traveling. One comments from my daughter, mammy we have visitors today!
Started walking to get in better fit for fight. 
In addition, I have started to play golf even I has said that I never would play Golf.
I work the company Troax AB as a Global Sales Coordinator, and is head of standardisation for the company. I travel around 110 days every year. My wife Inger and a have some dreams in our life. The most of our dreams is for our children and their family.
We have some dreams about our vacations; some of them has come through some will come through. Last year we will travel to USA and drive from coast to coast New York, Chicago and then route 66 to LA.  

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