The ability to copy content from the Web, does not give anyone the right duplicate and republish it. Some people are just not aware of this. Others are aware of it, and do it anyway. If you or anyone in your organisation hot-link my photos directly into for-profit Web page, that infringes on my copyright.

If you want to reproduce my pictures or writing call me and ask permission. Your specific use will determine the conditions for rights I may grant.

If you’d like to buy high quality prints of my images, call me at +46721800110 I currently have a small collection available at If the you’d like to purchase any print from my collection of photos, call me at +46721800110

When for profit rights are requested, I usually ask fair market value, full payment of which would grant the rights. If you offer a product or service I may be willing to barter.

NON-profit use of my images may be granted in some cases, but I’d likely require adjacent credit with hyper-linking to the page of my choosing, if the rights are for Web.

Unauthorized reproduction of my work which intended to make money or is included in a money making project is NOT OK.

Teachers have contacted me about using my materials in printed form. That type of use is encouraged and permission would not be required… as long pages are printed in full, and as is, including the source URL and copyright notice.

Before duplicating material I’ve written or my photography anywhere, on the Web or in print, call Kim Dahl at +46721800110 or e-mail

If your use is not for profit, I may grant usage right but with conditions, such as adjacent credit and or a link to the my blog or webpage of my choice.

There are acceptable uses of my work. If you want to print a single copy of one of my pictures to block a stain on your wall or use them in a homework assignment, that’s fine. That would be considered personal use and not for profit. .

Don’t remove copyright notices from my photos.

If you intend to make any copies of my work for any purpose, ask me for permission. Call Kim Dahl at +46721800110.

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