månadsarkiv: maj 2014

Route 66 Begin.

After a long ride in no man’s land miles after miles whiteout cities, we entered downtown Chicago a lot of traffic and then we reach our goal we had to pay 20 dollars for 1 hour parking ”nice price” and of course, the GPS could not reach the satellites. Therefore, it was blind driving in Chicago a great challenge in a city of that sizeJ.
Now our journey starts it was easy to find the historic route 66 out of Chicago just some small problems to understand the American way of using street signs. The first real stop was Joliet we had to stop for the ice cream and get the kick of route 66 it was here we stopped for the night to.


Inger & Kim

Niagara Falls

What a day, we are amazed to see and hear this wonder of the nature. We have now moved further, left Canada behind us and back in the USA Michigan. We have stayed in Portland for the night and today we will start our trip at route 66s here is some pictures from Niagara Falls. In addition, of course, we had to visit a Wendy’s and I tasted the Baconator.



Inger &Kim

From A to B

Yesterday was a question of going from A to B. It was a lot of driving on the Interstate and be bypassed by big trucks’ because you are keeping the speed limit. There was a lot of speed control on the interstate, more than I have seen I Sweden the last 8 years. And this was only the first day.

We have now arrived to Niagara Falls this is amazing how strong the nature is. The falls has created a whole amusement industry around it everything has a price tag on, and the price is quiet high. Some pictures from the day.

We was tired and have some jetlag so we ended the day with pizza a great pizza.


Inger and Kim

The eagle has landed

No it’s not the eagle just us (Inger and me). Yes we have landed on the other side of the world little bit tired after day with 30 hours. I known I have sometimes whish for days there was 30 hours long. I will never whish for it again, I promise. The flight with SAS was good relaxing and one thing I like is that the cabin crew is mature and know to tread people right. We was amaze about the view when we past Greenland. It was not was we have thought. 20:35 o’clock we landed at Newark airport tiered and eager to get to the hotel. First to the homeland security, it took more than an hour to get through. Then shuttle to Hertz. Then we got our car for the next four week here it is.


Kim and Inger

We are only hours away!

Now we are just hours away from take-off. There is many butterflies in my stomach. Now the waiting time is over in couple of hours we are leaving Forsheda heading Copenhagen airport Kastrup. First, we have to say goodbye to our youngest daughter Natascha. She will take care of the house and our cats when we are away. Then we heading for Malmö where we shall pick-up our daughter Yvonne and our granddaughter Freja. They will drive with us to Copenhagen for goodbye. Where we will be meet of our middle daughter and her boyfriend they want to say hello and good travel before we go.

I will try to upload pictures and write about the travel every day. However, I will not promise that it will happen. Next time I write we will have started our dream tour.

The suitcases is ready for packing

Hi me again the suitcases is now ready for packing. Not because they are dusty is never happens in this house. Because I travel around 110 days a year. They don’t lay on the attic they are out traveling. Today is my last day at work before my vacations starts and I have only four hours left of my working day. I have been in a web meeting from Shanghai since 02:00 this morning/night so around 10:00 I will be heading back home for the dream tour of our live. For the first time in my live, I do not intend to check my work mail before we are back in Sweden. Okay I have promised Inger and my children not to do it, and my colleagues.
One of the things I realized for a couple a days ago was that I am away from my work for a month (23th of May to the 23th of June).
We will try to update the blog more often over the weekend until Monday evening when we take up from Copenhagen Airport.



Preparations are increasing.

With only four days left the preparations for the travel is increasing heavily, I have started writing post-it for what I shall remember. In addition, the collected document are in ”one note”. Booking of hotel rooms for the two first day is fixed. After that, we will book hotel room day for day actually, we will diced our next goal when we arrive to the hotel in the evening. The days has blown away and since I booked the tickets at that time, everything was far away. Now it is close, at this time Monday morning everything has to be clear for departure from Forsheda and leave the keys to the house to our daughter Natascha. Great to know there is someone who is taking care of the daily business when we are away. Just to give her some more work I am thinking of fertilize the loan so it grow like hell. Is that too much J




I missed two days so now there is only 6 days left

I have been busy at work, I have three workdays left before vacation starts, for the first time in our life, we have four weeks in a row normally we have two weeks in May or June later on two weeks in August or September. For a couple a days ago, we got maps for the old route 66 it looks more complicate than we thought, but I am not worry. Inger is a good map-reader and co-pilot so we will find the right way together as we have done in 35 year. Now it’s time for heading the bed a new workday tomorrow and then Thursday and Friday I will work on Shanghai time I am participating in meeting over the internet those two days.

Have a nice day



We are now 8 days from take-off. We have started the planning is more intensive that it has been before. Here is the route we have planned to drive from the 26th of May to the 19th of June round 5000 km.