Day one at the vacation!

Everything was fine from the morning, perfect start for the first day of vacation. Until we realised that we have hit the wrong button at the dishwasher. 2 hours delay we have chosen the eco program 4 hours instead of 2 hours. But after the delay we rolled out from Forsheda heading to Bunkeflo strand for a short visit to our daughter and her boyfriend. After that we went shopping for the first part of the vacation. Then a visit to our other daughter and her man. So after and hour we heading out of Copenhagen to our first destination for the night ”Gedser harbour”. Before we take the ferry to Rostock in Germany heading for our next destination Berlin.

So from us a Good morning from Gedser Denmark

Home again!

We are now home again from our second trip in 2017 nice trip to family and shopping to the weeding. And a shopping day in Helsingborg. 1346 km road has past under us on this trip.

And here is some photo from the day. It was a relaxing day.

Snow and rain

Coming home

We will take a short trip the upcoming weekend.

Still a cold day in Copenhagen.

Today we was at a cafe with our daughter and her husband for brunch in Copenhagen. We spend a couple of hours at  the Cafe vand og brød (water and bread) all the food is handmade. The cafe’s style are rough. But at really nice place. Brunch DKK 119.00

On a small sightseeing around Copenhagen they show us a beautiful place. at Bispebjerg cemetery.  Where there was an idle with Japanese cherry tree and they was flourishing.

Here is a couple of pictures from our day


Now we are back in Sweden. Just 260 km . Then we are home

Copeehagen on a very cold and windy day :-)

From Åbenrå Camperstop to Copenhagen. And a picking up our grand child just before the  storefbælts bridge. She was visiting her grand parents on Daniels side. And vi should go to Tivoli in Copenhagen. This was very cold and vindy experience. But we  manager to get warm when when we got back in the motorhome. Nice day with our daughter and son in law. here is som pictures from the day


Denmarks best Beff sandwich. We tried and the rummers was right . It’s the best i have tried. Grisen Fredensgade 5, Copenhagen


Shopping for wedding.

Today we use a whole day of shopping in Flensburg. Shooing for our daughter’s wedding. Shopping wine, beer and other necessity’s for a wedding.  And then back to same place as yesterday just with some motorhome’s

Learned from from yesterday’s experience stock on the grass and mud surface. We have changed to gravel surface. After a good night sleep, we wish you all a good morning from Åbenrå. We Continue now to Copenhagen.

Family visit

The ferry trip from Varberg to Grenå was okay they have refurbished the ferry since we traveled with it for around eight years ago. That was a positive surprise for long ferry trip. From Grenå to Aalborg after our ferry trip from Varberg to Grenå.  Quick trip and nice to meet the family. As always we they meet us welcome to there house with a smile and great hospitality. It’s always a pleasure to visit Inger’s brother and his family. After  a 24 hours visit, we went on a nostalgic trip taken the old route over Viborg to the south part of  Jylland and ended at Åbenrå Camper stop. After trying to get a place at the marina. But it was more than full. Around 40 Mobilhomes so we found this beautiful place and not even close to be full.

Second trip with Betty 2017

It’s our second trip this year, the frist trip was to Frederricia Demark. To My bigbrother and wi-fi’s gold wedding. Not so much to writet about. Just a great Sunday morning where we waked up 08:23  after 4:30 hours sleep. Some nice voulentary peoples start to pale down post for the  Marina, a really funny thing todo on Sunday morning when you have got in bed 4 a clock in the morning. 

But really nice view in the morning of the lillebaelt bridge.

This trip is our yearly spring trip to Denmark with ferry connection Varberg to Grenå?. We have stayed over at the Stena terminal, the harbour of Varberg. With the nice sound of trucks arriving the whole night or trucks leaving there trailers. We now waiting for check in for a nice trip of 4 hours and 25 minutes trip with an old ferry full of trucks. Only the price was nice. 45 €.

On a rainy morning at the ferry terminal.

I great day day together with has now reach end at Mette an Karsten thanks for a great day of sharing memories and friendship, it,s always a pleasure to visit you.

Down to Skruv Wildcamp.

Nice morning with great weather the sun was shining,  just some few  clouds. First stop was Eksjö nice wood house from around Year 1600. Some part of them was burned down in fire in 2015 because the owner could save some money closing down the sprinkler system.

I was left back at the parking lot alone when Inger & Kim was eating ice.

And then i was send out in snow weather freezing my tier’s off and left back at the parking lot at Kosta Boda in snow weather + 2 C. When they was inside the store in + 20 that’s not fair 🙁

At least we arrived to the Wildcamp and I got this nice view over the lake for the night. Good night in will return tomorrow. Sleep well I know i will.